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Lemonade Magazine
PRIME's ability to flawlessly blend hip-hop, rock, pop, dance, R&B and the kitchen sink into a single track is amazing and highly catchy.
Vents Magazine
“Poison,” a high-energy song with an infectious beat. The vibrant tune paints a sonic soundscape that is sure to have listeners dancing.
Top 40 Charts
PRIME Drops Intoxicating Track, "Poison"
Eile magazine
“If Usher, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury had a baby, it would be PRIME.”
Music Industry News
PRIME Feature
"This high energy effort will have listeners out on the dance floor, whipping up friends into a frenzy with a pounding beat and an emotive, sexy set of vocals" 9.0/10
EQ Music
"Melodically seducing"
Impose Magazine
When you mix pop with electronic and r&b influences, you get PRIME
Caesar Live n Loud
Music Video Feature
Divine Magazine
"Poison" Music Video Feature
Eile Magazine
PRIME on the Cover
Middle Tennessee Music
Divine Magazine
Magazine Interview
Pop Creation's Playlist
Vents Magazine
Entertainment Jolt
PRIME is an up and coming artist but Satellite makes it sound like he’s been in the business for a long time.
Jake's Take
PRIME makes a strong case that he could bring his music to the Billboard charts and I think he could do it! B+/A-
Arena-scented pop song with as much emotion as the dreams it convey
"Satellite" Feature
Top 40 Charts
Electro-Pop Artist, PRIME, Sends "Satellite" Into Orbit
Really Late Reviews
"Satellite" is meant for emotional connection. It’s for listening when you need to know you’re not the only feeling trapped. If you want to feel like you’re not alone, listen to this song.
Analogue Trash
PRIME lets his vocals and heartfelt lyrics take centre stage on a song that seamlessly grafts on synthpop and futurepop elements, engendering in the listener a sense of empathy rather than a sense of empty euphoria
Eile Magazine
"Satellite" Feature
Vents Magazine
B Sides & Badlands
PRIME pushes the boundaries of new wave, combining his trusty R&B slickness with alternative strains
Music Connection Magazine
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